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What Drives Your Talent?

As the labor shortage becomes more challenging, have you considered your value proposition? As stated in a Forbes article by Michael Skok, "A value proposition is a positioning statement that explains what benefit you provide for who and how you do it uniquely well." While written for entrepreneurs it directly applies to organizations that want to develop a compelling message to potential applicants on why they want to work for your organization. Here is where you identify the benefits of working for your organization What specifically draws them to you as a desired employer? And as you look at your long-term employees, why do they stay? What are the benefits to your long-term employees in staying? Are you losing talent that you hate to see go? Why are they leaving? What have you learned from your employees about what is important to them in the workplace? How has this information influenced your decisions on employee benefits and policies?

A great step toward WINNING TALENT is answering the questions and considering the areas of opportunity to strengthen your talent. A coach can guide you through this process and help you uncover the areas where improvements can be made.

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