How important are leaders in an organization? Does it matter how a leader "shows up"? And what does it really mean to "show up"? It is how leaders exhibit their values, do their behaviors match what they say they value? If they say they value respect in the workplace and employees see them yelling or degrading a direct report in a meeting, do they really value respect? And what about an organization that encourages innovation, but punishes the employee when a new idea doesn't work out as expected Then there is the leader who values consistency and on time performance, but fails to follow through with his commitments. When was the last time you looked at the way you "show up" as a leader? As you consider your daily interactions with direct reports, peers, customers, bosses, would they see consistency between your values and your behaviors? Do your decisions and decision making process match what you value? Would their impressions of you as a leader match those you have for yourself? All of these questions lead to an impact on your organization's culture, specifically employee engagement and job performance. Is your leadership positively impacting your organization's culture? If not, you might be interested in a leadership tune up. The first step is assessing where you are today, determining your strengths, and identifying one thing you can start doing or stop doing to gain higher levels of performance in your organization.

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