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The Impact of Busyness on Leadership

How often have you heard the response, “busy”, to a simple question, “How are you doing?”

Recently I read a great blog, “Leadership Resilience-Step One” by Dave Schrader, here is an excerpt. Does this describe your schedule?

“In the busyness and pressure of leading and working on any organizational transformation, it is a severe temptation for us to fill our schedules to the brink of overflowing. Remember the early video game called Tetris? The goal there was to slot every odd-shaped block into an available space that could accommodate it. You won when there were no empty spaces left.

No spaces left.  This was considered success.

We’ve trained ourselves to do this with our schedules as well: day-in and day-out, our habit is to say “yes” too often to requests for our time, our presence, our advice, and our approval.”

When our schedules are full, when do we have time to think and reflect?  In the busiest of times we can barely react to every scheduled meeting, much less plan and thoughtfully prepare. The impact leads to many nonproductive behaviors and results:

Consider another way:

Make an effort this year to implement some of these ideas and you will be happy with the results, you will feel better and be able to lead better by being more intentional.

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