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What’s Holding You Back?

As you consider your day, your week, this quarter, what is holding you back from achieving what you have planned or working to achieve? Are constant interruptions the challenge? Unplanned meetings or events? Are they external reasons, i.e., phone calls, email, employees, boss, clients? Or are they internal reasons, limiting beliefs – i.e., false assumptions, everything has to be perfect, fear- of success, of failure, of the unknown, of disappointment, of disappointing someone, I can’t show vulnerability, I need to be in control, I’m not smart enough, I’m not good enough, and a false priority – e.g., I would rather be right than successful.

If you have never really thought about the “why” you are not meeting your plans it may be a good exercise to assess the situations that derail you, are they more external or internal? Here are five tips for managing external reasons that may be holding you back.

After assessing your situations and you find internal reasons that are holding your back, here are some tips for reframing your limiting beliefs.

Today, notice what is holding you back from achieving your goal, and identify whether it is external or internal Then, take your one item you need to accomplish today and try to protect it with the, “knight’s armor” of ideas against interruptions and limiting beliefs.

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